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Midnight the black cat

At Armagh Country Pet Hotel we ensure every cat has a comfortable stay in our cattery.


Each cat pen has its own sleeping area with bedding and a cat flap opening up to a private exercise area. There's also a play area for them to stretch their legs, complete with reflective lights, mirrors and toys to keep them entertained.


With soothing classical music piped in throughout the day and regular feeding to reflect their breed and requirements, you can feel secure knowing that your cat's wellbeing is our priority.

Catteries in County Armagh and County Down

Our comfortable catteries provide:

• Heating insulation and natural light

• Internal area and cat flap to private exercise area

• Play area

• Scratch posts

• Climbing shelves

• Entertainment (reflective lights, mirrors, toys)

• Soothing classical music

• Feeding times specific to the cat breed

• All medical conditions accommodated

Give an animal another chance and visit the USPCA.

Ensure your cat is content while you're away, call Armagh Country Pet Hotel today on 028 3750 7272